Wedding Mandaps & Stage Decor Ideas


Indian weddings are the most stylish and heart throbbing events, not around Asia but all over the world. It’s not that easy to plan such a memorable event for bride and groom. It takes weeks and even months to plan such a lavish event not to impress everyone but to make the event most memorable. Besides, other planning the most important is planning the venue, deciding for the decoration of mandaps and planning for the traditional food. Apart from all these Indian wedding mandaps decorations are the most stressful and crucial activity as it is the center of all the activities of an Indian marriage.

Decoration of Mandaps:

Wedding mandaps is a place where Indian marriages are held. Mandap culture is common in Hindu, Sikh, Pakistani weddings as well as in Jain weddings. These wedding mandaps are decorated according to the choice of bride and groom. Main ceremonies take place under wedding mandaps decorated specially for them. Now a days these mandaps are decorated with flowers. Basically, they are made of wood with pillars supporting these wedding mandaps with arrangement of chairs for bride and groom and their parents.

How Mandaps are Decorated

Indian weddings are considered incomplete without these mandaps. Indian wedding mandaps are decorated with light, flowers, balloons, diyas, crystals, and other modern designs of havan kund. In short, these decorations cover all the religious necessities of mandaps. These mandaps are also used for sangeet and mehandi. Most of the time, these mandaps are decorated with bright colors to make them more attractive. Mostly preferred color combination for mandaps is bright red and yellow. Blue, orange, pink, white colors are also used for modern mandap decorations.

Wedding Mandaps Melbourne

Different mandap designers are hired for the decoration of mandaps, one of them is Royal Events Melbourne. Royal Events is an Indian based company provide decorations for weddings, parties and birthday ceremonies. We provide elegant and sophisticated wedding mandap decors and stage decor.

Stage Decoration

Decorators are hired for stage decoration commonly know as Stage Decor. Mostly floral stage decorations are highly appreciated these days. Both artificial and fresh flowers are used in stage decorations. Fresh flowers used in stage decorations are lilies, Jasmines, roses of different colors and orchids. Traditional props are also used in stage decoration. The stage backdrop is decorated with unique themes for a lively look. A backdrop for mehandi function is decorated than sangeet and barat functions. It is decorated in accordance with the ongoing function.

Party Hire

Different companies are approached to hire a party for stage and mandap decorations. These parties provide unique services in the decoration of wedding mandap and stages. These hired parties provide stylish and unique themes for the venue of a wedding ceremony. They provide best services with a good and affordable budget. These hired parties handle huge tasks within a short time. You can also hire a best parties like us to make your wedding decorations so innovative.


Indian wedding mandaps are decorated in several ways. While decorating mandap one should keep in mind that the decorations must match the furniture, reception and stage decoration theme. At Royal Events we take of everything.