Party Hire Tariff

We stock a large array of coloured bows/sashes to ensure a perfect complement to your chosen colour schemes. We can professionally fit and remove the chair covers, Table covers, Sashes, sofas and statues. Alternatively provide them on a day hire basis should you wish to save on costs.

Code:HI08 Chair Covers $1.25 Minimum 50 nos
Code:HI11 Shashas $0.75 Minimum 50 nos
Code:HI06 Table Covers $5.00 Minimum 10nos
Code:HI18 Plastic chairs $3.00 Minimum 10nos
Code:HI09 Henna Chair $50.00 Each
Code:HI01-04 Sofa Single $75.00 Single
Code:HI15 Sofa Double $200.00 Double
Code:HI13 Sofa Set $300.00 Set(2+1+1)
Code:HI14 Statue Small $25.00 Each
Code:HI07 Statue Big $50.00 Each
Code:HI12&16 Pillars-small $25.00 Each
Code:HI10 Pillars-medium $50.00 Each
Code:HI10 Pillars-large $75.00 Each
14 Backdrop stand $100.00 20ft long and 10ft height
Code:HI05 Swing $200.00 Set
16 Back drop screen 20X10 feet $100.00 Each
Code:HI22 Bajoot $10.00 Each
Code:HI19 Hawan Kund $10.00 Each
Code:HI23 Cooking Vessal(30lt) $20.00 Each
Code:HI24 Pressure Cooker(22ltr) $20.00 Each
Code:HI21 Chaffing dish big $20.00 Each
Code:HI20 Chaffing dish small $10.00 Each