Fabric Mandaps – Indian Wedding Mandaps

Fabric Mandap

At Royal Events we are experts in providing stunning solutions to your decorative needs. We design a large variety of cost effective and stylish fabric mandaps for Indian, Asian and western styles weddings and other events.

Being experts in Indian Wedding Mandaps, our team has to offer large selection of luxurious mandaps will leave you in complete amazement with a life time of memoires. Take a look at our mandap gallery and look at our wonderful selection of fabric mandaps available.  Be in no doubt seeking mandaps that are highly colourful, elegant, stylish and unique. We understand the importance of your theme and your ideas, we can provide a range of customized solutions for your wedding. Whether you would like to use mandaps for your service and/or your reception we are honoured to make your wedding a life time to remember. No matter wedding is indoor or outdoor if your wedding is indoor or outdoor our fabrics be highly colourful, elegant, stylish and unique to suit your own ideas.  We have designs to suit all budgets.

With more than ten years of experience in the mandap industry we will incorporate any preferences you have into the designs of your Mandaps for your special day.

All fabric Mandaps come professionally created with accessories to make your special day a great moment to remember.

We are based in Campbellfield, Melbourne.  Contact us on 1300 452 764 or email us royalevents.vic@gmail.com  for further information on how we can design your fabric mandaps for your special day.

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